Friday, June 11, 2010

NEW Switchfoot songs soundchecked!

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Switchfoot played a show at Melkweg in Amsterdam last night. A couple of new songs emerged from the soundcheck! Thanks Deborah for posting these videos:

Dark Horses

A few snippets of songs that we don't know the title of:

ALSO, Before we see some more footage from the event, LOBH also has an exclusive NEW live MP3 of another soundcheck song from a different show, called "Against the Voices!" Head over to their site now to download it!


Needle and Haystack Life

Mess of Me

Oh! Gravity.

Your Love Is a Song

^"the songs I hear on the radio, I'm glad I didn't write because they don't seem real..." Gotta love it. Also, listen for the tie-in to "Let Your Love Be Strong" during the chorus before the bridge. Awesome.

Only Hope and a portion of Dare You to Move

^Jon Foreman sounds particularly wistful during "Only Hope," from his description of San Diego to his compliment to the audience that "you sound beautiful."

Some more:

Bullet Soul
On Fire
Hello Hurricane
This Is Your Life
Meant to Live



"The Sound" was No. 4 on KPNT last night! Let's keep it up and get the song onto the other three countdowns we've been targeting!

Q101's Top 9 at 9 (Chicago)
KPNT's 5 Songs That Don't Suck (St. Louis)
91x Christy Taylor's Really Big Countdown (San Diego) (email, subject line: Really Big Countdown Submission)

One more day, let's do this!

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