Thursday, June 3, 2010

Drew Shirley gives a gear tour; Koln show video recap

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Check out this video of Drew Shirley showing and describing his gear rig. It is quite insightful.


Switchfoot played their first show in Germany last night (in Köln to be exact). Here are some videos that have emerged from that time.

Needle and Haystack Life

Your Love Is a Song

On Fire

Meant to Live

And Jon Foreman even played an after show. Here's "Rob Me"


Here are some more videos from the great London show a couple nights back.

Oh! Gravity.


Oh, and Your Love Is a Song at the Big Church Day Out, with a great monologue at the beginning:


In other news, the new Footsoldiers campaign has been successful so far!

Thanks to your efforts, "The Sound" has made it onto two of the countdowns we're targeting, getting to No. 3 on 91x two nights in a row and No. 5 on KPNT's 5 Songs That Don't Suck countdown. It has yet to get onto Q101's Top 9 at 9.

Let's keep it up!

Q101's Top 9 at 9 (Chicago)
KPNT's 5 Songs That Don't Suck (St. Louis)
91x Christy Taylor's Really Big Countdown (San Diego) (email, subject line: Really Big Countdown Submission)

^If we can keep these up until the guys get back from Europe two weeks from now, we will have done an excellent job!

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