Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Switchfoot's "Always" on The Hills; Switchfoot's London show

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As reported last night, Switchfoot's "Always" was featured on the Californian-tween-angst television show, "The Hills." Whatever your views on this show are, it's still sweet Switchfoot got placement on a show that has close to 2 million viewers. Click the link below the picture to watch:

The Hills (Season 6) | Ep. 6 | 'Ghost From The Past'

go to 13:23 to hear "Always."


It's interesting to note that "Always" has now gotten placement in two major TV shows now (the other being Grey's Anatomy back in February). It's also gotten the expected sales spike on iTunes, now sitting just behind "Dare You to Move" as the top-selling Switchfoot song.

Does this put the song in line for potential single status; a possible follow-up to "Your Love Is a Song" at mainstream AC radio? Only time will tell, and we are only on single #2 with "The Sound" after all, but it's interesting to think about. What do you all think?


Now, to the ongoing Switchfoot tour out in the UK. The guys played a memorable show in London last night, one that Jon Foreman called their "first proper Switchfoot show" in the Great Britain.

"london, thank you for a night I will not soon forget. some of my favorite moments in life and music have been here in your town- thank you" - @jonathanforeman

"London = Amazing. Off" - switchfoot

Here are a few videos from the evening:

Needle and Haystack Life

Your Love Is a Song (with bits of Gone and Bullet Soul)


Happy Is a Yuppie Word/Free


On Fire

Meant to Live

Dare You to Move

^Looked like a great show. Germany tonight!



It's time for the Billboard charts update for this week!

"Your Love Is a Song" stays strong, vaulting 6 spots from 43-37 on Christian Songs.

With even more good news on the Christian scene, "The Sound" jumps back up to No. 6 on Christian Rock, up three spots from No. 9 last week.

On the Alternative Songs chart, "The Sound" holds at No. 32. This is pretty impressive, considering the long weekend and the typical holiday slump for radio songs. Let's hope it gets a resurrection in the upcoming week!


Head over to Footsoldiers HQ for more details on the latest campaign. We got to No. 5 on 91x last night! Let's keep it going!

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