Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"The Sound" is the Most Added song on Modern Rock; Switchfoot EF Interview; some old Jon Foreman/Fiction Family videos; Switzerland videos

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In what can be considered a miraculous resurrection, "The Sound" is the most added song at Modern Rock/Alternative radio this week!

"The Sound" also vaults a spot to No. 31 on Alternative songs and is experiencing a resurgence. It falls a spot on Christian Rock.

"Your Love Is a Song" also continues to do well, making it's debut on Christian CHR, entering at No. 27. On Christian Songs overall, the song takes a one-spot jump to No. 36.

Great work with the requesting! See the bottom of today's post for instructions on how to help out!


EntertainmentFocus on Youtube did a two-part interview with three of the guys from Switchfoot. Check it out:

Part 1

Part 2


Keith Tutt, the esteemed cellist who has played in many a Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, and Fiction Family record and show, has uploaded a few new videos to Youtube. Here they are:

Southbound Train (Live from the Stageful of Awesome tour)

Learning How to Die

War In My Blood (Fiction Family tour)


And, a couple of Switchfoot videos from Switzerland:

Needle and Haystack Life

Your Love Is a Song


"The Sound" is re-surging on U.S. Modern Rock radio. To keep it going, make sure you're requesting the single at your local alternative station! Also, thanks to your efforts, the latest Footsoldiers campaign has been successful so far!

Let's keep it up! We MISSED all the countdowns last night. So, here are the voting links/instructions to get that going again:

Q101's Top 9 at 9 (Chicago)
KPNT's 5 Songs That Don't Suck (St. Louis)
91x Christy Taylor's Really Big Countdown (San Diego) (email, subject line: Really Big Countdown Submission)

^If we can keep these up until the guys get back from Europe two weeks from now, we will have done an excellent job!


Dan said...

So...does the big news for tomorrow have anything to do with The Sound? Any clues?

Job said...

@Dan, well, it does have to do with The Sound. that's all I can say. ^^

Dan said...

Ahh! I hate you sometimes Job. :P