Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Your Love Is a Song" Impacts Mainstream Radio!

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"Your Love Is a Song," the third single from "Hello Hurricane" impacts radio today on the Hot AC and Top 40 formats! I'm excited to see where this song takes Switchfoot; it's been way too long since the band made any real impact on these pop formats.

To put this all into perspective, the last Switchfoot song to even hit Hot AC charts was "This Is Home," coming in at a paltry No. 63 on the charts. "We Are One Tonight" was the last Switchfoot song to even hit the Top 30 on Hot AC, peaking at No. 29.

In other words, the time is ripe for Switchfoot to make that comeback to popular music we have all been waiting for, and I think "Your Love Is a Song" is the perfect candidate for the job. Atlantic has shown the kind of commitment to the band that could make this a runaway hit.

And if not for Maroon 5's big new single, Switchfoot would've had the second most added song of the week!


Don't forget though that we've got a single at Alternative radio that is still climbing the charts as well. "The Sound" is by no means finished, and it is currently sitting at No. 24 on the chart. Be sure to head over to the Footsoldiers Request page and request the song!

We're working on having a "Your Love Is a Song" page ready for you soon!


Switchfoot.com recently confirmed that the band will be playing at the US Open of Surfing on August 5th. More info here.


Here's another Drew Shirley gear tour, posted by JHpedals.


Switchfoot recently did an interview with TVU. Apparently there's a really huge tour coming soon in the fall that the interviewer kind of freaked out about... interesting. Anyways, watch on:


Hurley.com posted a video recap of the Bro-Am. Interesting to watch; check it out.

View this video at Hurley.com

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