Friday, June 18, 2010

"The Sound" of the media

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Yes yes yes, not the greatest of titles, but what can I do?

Hi everyone! Sorry the updates have been a bit on the slow side lately. Been busy working this week, and employment has its ways of draining you in every way possible on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level... but mostly physical! We got NONE of our goals, but that's okay.

So here is the latest news update, though there isn't much to report in Switchfoot land.

On the good news end of the spectrum, check out our chart update from Wednesday (if you haven't already) for news on how "The Sound" and "Your Love Is a Song" are doing on the Billboard charts. The news is good this week!


In other news, our YouTube campaign for "The Sound" has been solid. Though we didn't accomplish any of the goals we set for this campaign, we did have some solid numbers for the video:

#44 - Most Discussed (Today))
#4 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Music
#39 - Most Discussed (This Week)) - Music
#61 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Australia
#59 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Canada
#80 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - India
#60 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - New Zealand
#70 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music
#22 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - South Africa
#45 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Mexico
#62 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Netherlands
#78 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Brazil
#73 - Top Favorited (Today))
#21 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Music
#9 - Top Rated (Today)) - Music
#73 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Music

Switchfoot's channel also got:

#53 - Most Viewed (Today) - Musicians

Be sure you share this video with everyone you know. Thought our 48-hour window is over, we can still keep sharing it around!


With the new release of this music video, there has been some new press about it:



Jon Foreman commemorated the release of the new music video with a new huffington post article about John M. Perkins. Be sure to read it here


Welp, that's about it for now! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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