Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chart Wednesday (Week of July 3, 2010); Jon Foreman on Turkeys and the Bro-Am

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It's time for a charts update, everyone! Last week saw "The Sound" take a big jump; this week, it tapered off a bit, but not before it took a two-spot jump, from 25-23.

On Christian Rock, it continued on pace to reach the top, slipping up from 3-2.

"Your Love Is a Song" jumped from 19-17 on Christian CHR, while holding steady at No. 33 on Christian Songs.

The Footsoldiers HQ has a new mission to help promote the Bro-Am and "The Sound" in San Diego this week. Make sure you join in! Be sure to continue your regular requesting as well!


Jon Foreman has a new Huffington Post piece on the Bro-Am and... turkeys? Don't get it? Then read the piece here! Excerpt below:

Q: What is the difference between a turkey and a man imitating a turkey?

A: Only a couple of minutes: a turkey never breaks character.

I am in the Tokyo Narita airport on a nine hour layover. I should be counting sheep. But alas, I am pondering the turkey. And in my jet-lagged state, I wonder what the implications are for the turkeys, and for the rest of us.

Study the turkey, look at his movements, watch him go. A turkey doesn't try to look like a turkey. He doesn't study or practice in front of a mirror. He (assuming our turkey is a he?!) won't call his turkey buddies over and say, "Fellas! Watch my turkey impersonation. Look at the way I move my head! Watch how I walk -- It's all so turkey-like!"

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