Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting psyched for Bro-Am; More touring videos

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Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and Drew Shirley were on Fox 5 this morning in San Diego to do an interview in advance of Bro-Am week. Check it:



Switchfoot performed a few shows on their way back here to the states. Here are some from the gig they played at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio on June 19, 2010.

Your Love Is a Song


Hello Hurricane

Yet (with Jon Foreman talking about Chad Butler)

Meant to Live


Switchfoot also played the Busch Gardens on the 20th:

The Sound

Mess of Me
Only Hope


Time to also kick "The Sound" promotion into high gear. As we all know, Footsoldiers, this week is Bro-Am week in San Diego. So, in honor of that, let's attack the phones and request links of the Alternative stations in that area to raise awareness.

First off, request "The Sound" on 91x's Really Big Countdown by emailing christy@91x.com, subject line: Really Big Countdown Submission. If you live in the area, better yet, call in to request the song and let them know how excited you are for the Bro-Am! 570-191X

Next, use this eform to request "The Sound" on 949 KBZT. You can slo call in: 619-570-1949

Let's do this footsoldiers!

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