Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Always" Remix releases today!; Switchfoot in Boston; Brooke Fraser co-writes song with Jon Foreman

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PURCHASE the Max Vangeli/AN21 remix HERE. So far, it's looking like you can only purchase it at this location for now, but we'll be on the lookout to see if iTunes and Amazon MP3 will be carrying it as well.

I've gotten my copy, and must say, it's definitely an interesting/unique take on the song we've come to know and love. But considering the difference, it's surprising that Max Vangeli and AN21 left Jon Foreman's voice un-edited. Really shows respect. I give it a thumbs up!


House Music 4 Life
House Essentials
Beat My Day


Switchfoot had a busy day storming Boston yesterday. First, they stopped by the local Alternative rock station WBOS to do an interview and play a few tunes. Check out these videos:

Interview on WBOS

Another interview clip

The Sound

Mess of Me

Meant to Live


Later in the day, the band played the local Hot AC station's MixFest. For more from yesterday, head over the Mix1041's Twitter feed.

Here's a pic:

@jonathanforeman out in the crowd at yesterdays @mix1041 conc... on Twitpic


As some of you know, Brooke Fraser just released details on her new album. And Antimusic reports that she co-wrote a song called "Betty" with Jon Foreman. Details here.

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Cynthia said...

The thrive song is amazing! I would love to see that track on their next album.