Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BREAKING: Switchfoot releases "iTunes Session" on (of course) iTunes

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The Switchfoot camp is never short on surprises. Today, the band is putting out an "iTunes Sessions" record on Apple's iTunes Music Store. It's a collection of live studio recordings of some of their songs.

Before we cut to the chase, here's what the front page of iTunes looks like this morning:

Once you click into that menu, another surprise pops up:

NOT ONLY is there a brand new set of live recordings from the band, "Hello Hurricane" is being offered at the discounted price of $8.99 (USD). If you have not picked up this masterpiece of a record, do so now!

Link to the launch page here.

Link to the iTunes session here.

^Be sure to leave a positive review/rating on the iTunes store. That goes a long way in boosting any album in the store.

NOTE: UK and international fans, no word yet on whether the iTunes Sessions release is releasing overseas. As of now, U.S.-only... sorry, friends.


Really, you've got to give HUGE props to Atlantic Records for all the beautiful things it's done for the band during this record cycle. Not only does the band have it's first Top 10 Billboard hit in six years, countless ESPN boosts, and a ton television show spots and commercials, but now the band has got an iTunes Sessions record and a front page feature on the iTunes Music Store.

What more lies ahead for this band? "The Sound" is still gaining spins daily, and "Your Love Is a Song" is slowly inching up on the Hot AC charts. Good times still to come, my friends!


Also, be sure to check out the new fall tour dates with The Almost on Switchfoot.com! I'm sure more are forthcoming, so hang tight!

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