Monday, August 9, 2010

Switchfoot at Lollapalooza; debut "Dark Horses" at Q101 Afterparty

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This may come out of chronological order, but Switchfoot played Lollapalooza yesterday in Chicago. Later that night, the band played Q101's after party, and debuted a new song called "Dark Horses," performing it live for the first time ever for an audience. Here's the only video that has shown up, but it's a bit distorted. If anyone's got a video, let us know!

"Dark Horses"

To hear it in a little clearer quality, head back to our June 11th update, which has a video of Switchfoot sound-checking the song.

Our friend @switchkosterice says that the song is "The most energetically true rock tune we've heard from 'em since Meant to Live. Definitely rivals The Sound. Super catchy rhythm."

^I'd have to agree on this one. It's got a hard rock edge, something we haven't heard in any of the new potential "Vice Verses" material.


Now, we rewind just a few hours before, when the band took the stage for their 1 p.m. performance at Lollapalooza. Chicago Now has some photos and a short recap.

Here are some videos:

Oh! Gravity.


Meant to Live

Dare You to Move

Dare You to Move

Some other opinions on the performance:

This blogger expresses his poor research (John Foreman?) before proceeding to liken the band's music "hanging out in high school locker-rooms."

USA Today was more positive in their assessment, though they also don't do well with the background research (Switchfoot has a song called "Once In a Lifetime?")

Switchfoot core members Chad Butler and brothers Jon and Tim Foreman come from Southern California surfing backgrounds, but they didn't let the gloomy weather dampen their energy Sunday. The band's hour-long set of mainstream rock included blistering versions of Hello Hurricane, Once in a Lifetime and Meant to Live, as well as a left-field cover of the Beastie Boys' Sabotage. An onstage interpreter for the hearing impaired was a nice touch.

Always great to get national press about the band, and judging by the crowd reaction in the videos, it was a successful afternoon for Switchfoot. Be sure to send us word if a better video of "Dark Horses" emerges!


The good press doesn't end there. The Times Leader in Wilkes-Barre says that Switchfoot "stole the show."

As enjoyable as the trio of John Rzeznik (lead vocals, guitar), Robby Takac (bass, vocals) and Mike Malanin (drums) can be – and I quite enjoyed its set at the Kirby Center in April – it would have been hard for them to top what we had just witnessed a half hour earlier as the evening’s second band – Switchfoot, a five-piece from San Diego that will not be opening shows for long judging by its spectacular 45-minute set in Scranton, more likely than not stole the show.

To read more, check out the full story.

More press:

Phoenix New Times


Quick chart update. "The Sound" jumped up two spots over the weekend on Alternative, now settling at No. 15 on the chart! Keep requesting the song!

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