Friday, August 13, 2010

Better live "Dark Horses" video; even more Lollapalooza news; some videos

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Also, on another note, we here at We're Awakening would like to express our relief that Switchfoot, crew, and all are safe after their bus fire yesterday.


As we reported last Monday, Switchfoot debuted their new song "Dark Horses" live at the Q101 Lollapalooza after-party. The audio quality on the one video we had left something to be desired, but thanks to our friend ktlouuu, we have a better video! Check it out:

^This song rocks. Love it.

Here's another video from the after-party:


Next section in today's update, we've got even more Lollapalooza press, and a couple other miscellaneous Switchfoot-related articles.

The Delco Times says:

Switchfoot, who on paper looked almost out of place on the bill, battled through the clouds and wetness as the air literally heated up during its set. “Hello Hurricane,” the band’s latest record, is a surprisingly rocking affair, and it’s turned a lot of people suspect of the band into straight-up fans. The live performance was much the same, as frontman Jon Foreman did whatever he needed to get the crowd going, climbing the speakers and the scaffolding next to the stage and even pulling out a cover of the Beastie Boys’ classic, “Sabotage.”

“It started out drenching the pedal boards upfront and they had to pull them back,” said Foreman after the set. “They moved all our gear back, and by the end, we were like, ‘No, let’s bring it forward!’”

“For me, I just like to get in there and mix it up with the crowd even if it’s muddy — I’ll get muddy, I don’t care!”

More press:

Switchfoot is striving to reach a wider audience

Christian rockers finally get some respect


Drew Shirley does a quick interview at Cornerstone. Nothing too serious, but here it is anyways.

And, Hurley (the clothing company) posted a video of the band performing "Mess of Me" at the U.S. Open Surfing

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Jeff Finley said...

Thank you for linking to my Sun-Times Media blog post "Christian rockers finally get some respect."

As a Switchfoot fan, I appreciate all of the links you provide.