Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fiction Family slated for Spring '11? ; Switchfoot booking studio time in January for "Vice Verses" ; more Lollapalooza; Switchfoot community matters

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Jon Foreman tweeted some Fiction Family news today. Looks like the guys are aiming for a Spring 2011 release. Check out his latest Tweet:

- @ryanclloyd: "just heard fiction family on the radio. When's the new album out?” springtime hopefully, getting the family back together!

^Now that that's said, we can expect a Fall 2011 release for Fiction Family. Just Kidding.


Speaking of new music news, Chad Butler and Jon Foreman did an interview in which they discuss "Vice Verses" plans.

“We’ve got like, 20 songs… well, 40 songs, 20 that we’ve cut it down to (with a) bunch of songs left over from the last session,” he revealed, referring to the tracks that didn’t make Hello Hurricane. “It’s a matter of trying to figure out whether it should be a double record or what it looks like.”

For more, check out The Ralphie Radio Show's blog to download the interview or watch it on video.


We've got more Lollapalooza news and coverage for you. Kevin Manno from Q101 (great DJ, great person, by the way) interview the band about their performance at Lolla and some news on Vice Verses. Looks like the band is entering the studio to finish up the record in January!


Donnie from The Point 1057 also talks to Chad, Drew Shirley, and Jerome Fontamillas about Switchfoot's gig at Lolla, the success of "The Sound" on his radio station, and other things. It's a great interview. Here you go:

Next, here are some more live videos from Lollapalooza:

Hello Hurricane

The Sound


Next, Tim Foreman gives us news on the state of the Switchfoot Community.

hola amigos, Tim here. Thanks to all of you, these boards are alive and well! I love it. In fact, based on feedback from many of you, we've decided to do away with the newer "sound" community, and bring everyone back together under one roof here on these boards. It seems like most of us like these old boards better anyways. We're excited about having everyone back together in one place, hope you all are too. This community is unique because of all the amazing people that are here, and the way that everyone respects and embraces each-other's differences. Thanks for being a part of our family, we love you guys,

^Good to know the guys are still aware and involved in the community. Thanks Timmy.


And, last but definitely not least, check out Jon's latest Huffington Post article

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