Monday, August 30, 2010

Switchfoot rocks the Greek Theatre; "The Sound" featured in CSI:Miami promos

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blinditachil7 on YouTube has posted videos from the entire Switchfoot set last night at the Greek Theatre. I've been trying to hold back on these kinds of posts, but I can't resist embedding entire concerts on a blog update. So bear with me, and if you guys really hate this type of post, go ahead an comment telling me so! :)

But anyways, without any further ado, check these out:


"Mess of Me"

"Dare You to Move"

"Won't Back Down"

"Your Love Is a Song"

"The Sound"

"This Is Your Life"


"Meant to Live"


We got a tip from an anonymous commenter that "The Sound" is being featured in CSI: Miami tv commercials! Keep your eyes peeled, and if someone has a recording, be sure to upload it and let us know!

Thanks anonymous! :)


And lastly, here are some more videos from Jon Foreman's aftershow in Phoenix, as well as some footage from Jon and Drew Shirley's performance at the Mix 96.9's car wash benefiting stand up for kids.

Aftershow vids:

"Throw It Away" (Abbey Lincoln cover)

"High and Dry" cover and "Thrive"
"Thrive" (continued), "Vice Verses"

Benefit Performances:

"Your Love Is a Song"

"Dare You to Move"

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