Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video and Chart Thursday: "The Sound" No. 12 on Alternative and "Your Love Is a Song" finally charts!

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Hey friends, my apologies for the lack of update yesterday. I know, I've failed you once again. I'm so sorry. ~tears~ So here is the Chart Thursday, in lieu of Chart Wednesday.

"The Sound" continues it's steady climb, now sitting at No. 12 on Alternative Songs, one spot higher than the peak "Mess of Me" achieved! It's also at No. 19 on overall Rock Songs, a career-high for the band.

There has been a bit of a slow-down in plays the last week, so we're going to need to hit the phones and get on requesting the song again. For daily missions, be sure to follow the Footsoldiers on Twitter!

On other charts, "Your Love Is a Song" has finally re-entered the Adult Pop Songs chart, coming in at No. 39. This is the band's first song in this chart format since "We Are One Tonight" in 2006. Awesome.

Let's keep this all up, friends.


The rest of today's update will consist of videos! So grab some popcorn, and settle in for some YouTube splendor. Hah, that was kind of lame. Anyways,

Here's a video from Chicago's Q101 recapping the Lollapalooza after-party Switchfoot played.

‪Blackberry BBM Lollapalooza Afterparties at House of Blues with Neon Trees and Switchfoot‬


Jon Foreman can't be stopped! Last night, he played his first aftershow since being forcefully removed by the police in Tampa. This one went without incident, thankfully. And there are some highlights as well! First, we have "Dark Horses" live and acoustic. Those of you who have been hunting down the lyrics, this is probably your best chance!

Dark Horses

Come Home


Just Rob Me

The Cure For Pain

Your Love Is Strong

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