Saturday, August 14, 2010

KROQ giving "The Sound" and Switchfoot HUGE boost

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KROQ in Los Angeles, one of the premiere Alternative stations in the country (along with Q101 in Chicago, who have also been very supportive of Switchfoot) has been giving "The Sound" premium coverage both on the radio airwaves and on their website.

Just the other day, we reported that KROQ did a new music feature on the band. As if that's not enough, all this past week right before the song airs on the radio, KROQ plays a clip of Tim Foreman saying:

"Hey what's happening, this is Tim Foreman from Switchfoot. You're listening to the world famous KROQ."

And just yesterday, popular KROQ DJ Stryker blogged "The Sound" as his #1 Video for the week, citing the positive response to the song so far:

The response to Switchfoot‘s new song “The Sound” has been great, which is why it takes over as my pick for the #1 Video.

The beginning of the video shows singer Jon Foreman holding up cardboard signs, revealing that the song was inspired by John M. Perkins, an American civil rights leader who has lived through adversity and has devoted his life to community development and racial reconciliation.

Check out the post here.

And, as icing on the cake, "The Sound" jumps from #19 to #5 most played on KROQ this week. Check out their post about it titled
New Music Dominates The Top Of KROQ’s Most Played List


A HUGE thank you to KROQ. This has been enormous for the single!


Anonymous said...

Minor correction- It went from #19 to #5.

Did KROQ ever even spin Mess of Me? I know that you were really pushing requests for that station but I forget if they ever actually started playing it.

Job said...

RIGHT. sorry. I'll fix that right away! :P

KROQ never did spin Mess of Me, sadly. :(

Anonymous said...

So considering KROQ did not even spin Mess of Me you have to think because it is such an influential rock station that it spinning the sound will pretty much guarantee it a spot in the top 10. Would that be a fair assumption?

David said...

I wonder if this will have any impact for Switchfoot on the top 40 pop market for future singles..??

Job said...

@Anonymous, well, guarantee maybe not... but the chances are really good.

@David I'm not sure it will have an effect, but the buzz might help influence Your Love Is a Song on pop radio. You can never know until things happen.