Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chart Wednesday (Week of August 14, 2010); New Song: "Thrive"; DC101 show; other tour-related videos

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It's that time of week again where we update you on al there is to know about Switchfoot charts! This week, "The Sound" holds serve at No. 16 on Alternative, despite a strong challenge by Anberlin's new single, "Impossible."

"The Sound" fell on Christian Rock from 2-3.

"Your Love Is a Song" fell 12-13 on Christian CHR, but experienced a HUGE jump from 32 all the way to 23 on the national Christian Songs chart, with a giant 338+ spin increase.

Look for "The Sound" to revive on Alternative this coming week with KROQ spinning the track, and several other stations sure to follow. Keep requesting at your local rock stations!


Jon Foreman unveiled yet another new song called "Thrive" at yesterday's aftershow in Baltimore.

^Like it?


Here's a video from DC101 of Jon and Drew Shirley's in-studio performance the day before.

Switchfoot Studio Performance from DC101 on Vimeo.

and another 94.5 PST performance video: "Your Love Is a Song"

And some leftover Mixfest footage:

Your Love Is a Song

Meant to Live

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