Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Official Jon Foreman Fall Release Day!

Jon Foreman


MTV did a little ditty about Jon's EP. Hey, they still love Switchfoot! I'm surprised!

Four for Fore: If you think Thrice are biting off more than they can chew with their four-part Alchemy Index series, wait till you hear what Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman has in store: a quartet of conceptual EPs he's putting out all by himself. Fall — to be followed next year by Winter, Spring and, you got it, Summer — comes out in digital form this week, although it will be issued as a two-disc set with Winter the day the latter effort is released, on January 15.



Jon also posted a myspace bulletin (shown below) and a new two-sentence blog! Check em out! www.myspace.com/jonforeman

Here's his bulletin:

Hey everybody,
last night was an incredible night for me for a myriad of reasons- one of them being the fact that the fall ep is now released into the wild!

I have so much to be thankful for. I know that i missed "the thanks day" by a bit but I would like to give a little thanks myself. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to put these songs out. Thanks to everyone who's been a part of the foot's story all along. Thanks to everyone who's helped us stay true along the way.

This is my first release ever outside of the band- and the first project I've sold on our own. My friend and I were talking about all of this the other day. He was pointing out the purity of a project like this: one person with complete control, paying for everything out his own pocket, putting out songs that he wants when he wants to how he wants to: complete independence. And this control and responsibility are truly dreams come true, making things so clear and allowing me to put my heart into this without reservation.

But on another level the independence bit is only partially true. None of us are fully autonomous. Ever. We need each other, thank God! I'm thankful that I've been given these songs. I'm thankful that many of you have really believed in our music as a band over the years. I'm thankful that God has given me pockets and something to put in em. I'm thankful for my family, for tim, chad, drew, and romey. I guess I'm saying that we're never completely independent. We all need each other.

In fact I feel like the best songs I have ever written have been given to me, that they have served me along the way. I hope that these songs on "fall" can serve you the way that they have served me. I'm honored to have you all listening to these musical monologues of mine!

So here's to interdependence. Here's to friendship, here's to a new ep, may it serve you well




Today is the day for the Irvine show! I'm stoked! Especially when paired with listening to the Jon ep.

Southbound Train = Favorite Track so far.

I'm gonna be writing up a review on the ep too, by the way. stay tuned for that. haha.



Proud Mom of Teen said...

Your show is tonight? I bet even as I write this you're on a concert high. I'm jealous.

I hope you plan to blog about it.


Chris said...

heyo, i am listening to "Fall" for the first time as i write this!

Job said...

How do you like it?