Friday, November 16, 2007

Some good news

Hey guys! It is Chris with just some cool and encouraging switchstats:

The newest single "Head Over Heels" jumped 6 spots up to #15 on Christian CHR. It was the "Most Increased Plays" this week.

The album "Oh! Gravity" is increasing its sales rapidly--it is even selling better than RK's latest disc.

The "Appetite For Construction Tour" has been called "The Biggest Christian Tour of the Year"

Jon Foreman has received is getting a lot of buzz and in January his EPs will be given a major label release.

Stay tuned, Switchfoot may win several year end music awards. To help them do so, check out the voting section of's posts!


Proud Mom of Teen said...

According to Jon Foreman's blog, the EPs will be released on their new label, not a major label.

Who's putting the record out? this is the first big release we've done through our independent thang- lowercase people records. My friends Nick and Chris from credential records are organizing the loose ends.

This is going to be great!

I love the information on your site.

Chris said...

Yes what you say is true, although in January Credential and Sparrow will be putting the EPs in stores and hopefully on radio!

Job said...

Credential and Sparrow will be handling the distribution of the record. LCP records will be the over arching label in the matter. ^^

Job said...

oh, and Chris. Where'd you get the numbers on the Oh! Gravity. sales?! I wanna see!! haha

Anonymous said...

who said sparrow will distribute it?

Chris said...

@job well i use billboard and streetpulse...u use the same things right?

Job said...

@Chris... uh... no. haha. Do u have to pay to use those?

@anonymous, since Sparrow is Switchfoot's Christian distributor, they will be doing that I think. Credential is Lowercase People Records' distribution partner, I believe...