Monday, November 12, 2007

New Jon Blog(s)

stopping the rock

hello monday,
How are things? I've been missing you. You see, today feels like friday for me 'cause I've got a day off tomorrow.

See, everyone likes to say things like, "you can't stop the rock" and "rock stops for no man" but I'll let you in on a littel secret- it's just not true. Rock has to kick his feet up every now and then and take a day off somewhere. You know, walk around, catch up on emails, read a book, and look for a good coffee shop or something.

(At this point in the monologue I would like to acknowledge the ironic absurdity of having a "day off" when your day job is rock. But the day needs the night, and the tension needs release. And the rock needs a break... yadda yadda yadda)

So I'm sippin my yerba mate, starting my day, just about to dive into a tune called "white as snow." It's an older song but I feel like it will fit really well on winter and not just because of the snow reference.

Here's the update:

a. Fall will come out on and on itunes on nov. 27.

b. I'll have samples of the tunes up the week before.

c. winter will come out jan sometime.

d. andy (of SF podcast infamy or fame, depending on your political persuasion), just walked in and said that the SF christmas card is now done. sweet. and now he's off to go give something to the boys in ruth.

e. thanks to everyone who hung out after the show in springfield and sang tunes with me at that hotel. I had a great time!


christmas is for gangstas

one more thing. I'm not tough. I try my hardest, but I'm not tough. So even though I wish I were in some rap/rock outfit, my dreams remain unfulfilled. But If I ever put out a rap christmas CD this would be the cover:

So there ya have it. The first Jon Foreman ep is being released in time for the show I'm going to! Exciting news! I wonder if it's going to be digital download on, or if the physical copies will still be released in January? And whether Jon'll take the Radiohead route. These are exciting times, ladies and gentlemen!


Dont forget to request Switchfoot on TRL; Request both Awakening and Oh! Gravity. for now, and see which one gets added. We can do this!


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