Monday, November 5, 2007

Jon Foreman Fall/Winter EP Release date!; new Live DVD!

"On January 15th, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot will release his Fall and Winter EPs via Credential Recordings. They will be packaged together as a 2 CD set."


Interesting. Going with a different label, huh? I thought Jon would be releasing his ep's under the Lowercase People Records... but at least we can look forward to it now!


In other news, Drew has told a few of the boardies (Switchfoot Message board users) at shows that a brand new Live DVD is in the works, and is near completion. It'll be a recording of the Ventura Show back during the Spring Oh! Gravity. tour this year.

This is the same show that Live Nation put out for online streaming a few months ago. It has since been taken down, so wait for the DVD.

In my opinion, it's not one of their better shows. The crowd was pretty lifeless except for a smattering of the crazy ones... and the guys looked uncharacteristically tired. But the visuals are pretty sweet; better, I think, than Live in San Diego. So that'll be cool to look out for.

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Chris said...

Such exciting news! And I bet the CD will be a Lowercase People/Credential Recordings type thing.