Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jon Foreman's EP's now available!

Amazon and iTunes have now put the Fall EP up online for the world to consume. If you have spare cash and can't wait until January to get the physical copy, then I encourage you to buy it now! Don't suffer the pain I'm dealing with right now, not being able to spare some extra cash to buy the thing right at this moment.



And Jon has a pretty sweet little gif on his myspace!

Jon Foreman


Looks like Switchfoot has already raised over $40,000 for Habitat For Humanity this tour. That's awesome! And there's still a few shows left! This is great news.(Source)

Exciting times my friends.


Don't forget to go here to request Oh! Gravity. and/or Awakening. Lets do this! And once it reaches the voting list, we can take it from there!


UPDATE: Jon's EP is at No. 2 on Amazon's charts!

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