Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jon Fall EP release date...?

So word is on the street, that Jon's Fall Ep is set for release November 27, of this, the 2007th year. I'm looking feverishly for any official confirmation, but none has been found yet. I'm thinking this will probably be an itunes release... not sure though.

I did find this however:

January 15, 2008
- Matthew West - Something To Say - Sparrow Records - EMICMG
- Jon Foreman - Fall & Winter EP - Sparrow Records - EMICMG
- Number One Gun - The North Pole Project - Tooth and Nail - EMICMG
- Once Nothing - First Came The Law - Tooth and Nail - EMICMG
- Ricky Dillard & The New Generation - 7th Episode Live In Toronto CD/DVD - EMIGospel - EMICMG
- Various - High School Musical 2: Dance Party - Walt Disney - EMICMG

So it looks like Sparrow will be distributing Jon's ep's on the Christian side, Lowercase People Records will be handling it overall, and Credential... oh yeah! Credential recordings! What happened to them? maybe they just signed a distributor's deal or something? We'll see in time... the Sparrow thing makes more sense to me though...


Make sure you request Switchfoot on TRL here! If we flood them with requests, we just might be able to get this ball rolling!


Have you donated for Rebuild yet? The site has been updated to make donating and downloading a bit easier. If you haven't done it yet, hop on over and support a great cause!


Chris said...

Hey that is so cool Jon has alot of support label-wise. I am going to go vote on TRL now!

Anonymous said...

yea! TRL finally has a request page. we should organize another 100SF week with people at the boards. we should be able to add them. question is, which video? it'd be better to concentrate on one, as that way we'll get more votes.

Job said...

Let's request Oh! Gravity. for now, since MTV actually has played that video before... but I request both... i duno. what do yalls think?