Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Oh! Gravity. sales numbers answered!

This is awesome! Chris, one of our writers, asked USA Today to bing up some numbers on how many units Oh! Gravity. has sold...

AND... here's the guy's answer:

"Anyway, this week's questions involved Switchfoot's Oh! Gravity album, which Chris Triebold asked about. The answer comes with a caveat, though -- it's sold 135,000 by SoundScan's tally, but when they compile totals for albums that also sell in the Christian market, the Christian bookstore sales don't stay in the system for some reason. So it's no doubt sold a lot more through those channels."

Here's the full aritcle. Thanks Ken Barnes, and Chris for asking about it!

WHY would the soundscan drop out all the Christian sales? Maybe by now, the record has gone gold...? haha. prolly not.

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