Sunday, November 25, 2007

"sweaty, rock and passion."

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A Utah State University paper back in 2004 interviewed Jon Foreman about Switchfoot's success and motivations. It's really a lot of fun to look back and see where the guys have been. Jon talks about anything from politics, to pre-show rituals, to socratic dialogues.

"I heard that dreams are the subconscious mind trying to work on a problem and maybe that's what my songs are. They're just kind of like oyster chewing on a grain of sand, and hopefully it comes out something beautiful." -Jon Foreman.

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Annie, one of our readers, blogged about the Hammerstein, New York show for You can read it here. It sounded amazing! And this is also the blog that reported the Appetite For Construction Tour has raised over $64,000 for Habitat For Humanity. Ridiculous!

And as if that wasn't enough, Annie did a Q&A with Jon as well!

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He talks about the new record here:

"I think we’ve learned a lot the past year. It’s been a time of really finding who we are. I think every record kind of has to reinvent itself. The most dangerous place for a band to be is doing something that they’re good at. I think it’s much better as a band to do something that you could actually fail at. We’ve always tried really hard to push ourselves. I think that the difference with this new record is that in the past we were a little afraid of the success that we had achieved with “The Beautiful Letdown.” There’s just this weird fear that you feel."

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So I've been a bit thoughtful lately on where I am in life, and I have "Dare You to Move" to thank for getting me through some really tough times... so I just put the finishing touches on an essay about it. Look out for it in the near future... as well as a review of the Irvine show I'm going to on Tuesday! If any of you are going, maybe we can meet up while in line or something...

I'll the kid with dark hair, glasses, and an Asian complexion. haha


Susy said...

Hey! I look forward to reading that essay!

I feel so privilage to like a band like Switchfoot because I know that just like you there are many people who could write about how Switchfoot's songs changed their lives. I'm one of them myself.

So maybe we'll see each other in Irvine. I know for sure that we'll have an awesome time!

Job said...

i know!! cant wait!

I'm thinking in the future of having this segment or whatever where people can send in their own stories about Switchfoot affecting their lives... we'll see!

Job said...

It's already tomorrow! lol