Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Hello Switchfoot fams!

Hope your day is filled with thanks and giving, and much turkey! So here's a brief update, and I'm off to the feasts... not really. haha. Ok:


You can pre-order Jon's entire EP collection right now at bandfarm.

It comes with a limited edition poster, hand-signed by Jon Foreman himself. Sweet. (Note: It's only downloads, not the physical copies.)


Also, the Live at Ventura Theatre DVD was available separately, outside of the Holiday Package, but has been taken down. It'll prolly be put up in the future.
(edit: it's up again!

Digging back through Switchfeed's archives, I found a glowing review about the show.

"So I went to the merch table, and on inquiry found that they wouldn't be handing out any photopasses because they were filming a DVD that night."

Complete Review on Switchfeed.


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Thanks for the great response to the new layout. Hope you all like it, cuz I kinda like it too! ^^

Switchfoot rules! Peace fams!