Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh! Gravity.'s Continued Success, Holiday Packs, and Jono, a "Christian music" website has listed Switchfoot's Oh! Gravity. the No. 6 Album of 2007. It beat out several CCM notables, like David Crowder Band's Remedy, Relient K's Five Score and Seven Years Ago, and Needtobreathe's The Heat. Nice!



In other news, Bandfarm has put up the annual Switchfoot holiday package!

Holiday Pack

This year's Holiday Package includes:

* "Live at the Ventura Theatre" DVD (YES!!)
* t-shirt of your choice
* signed christmas card
* 12-page glossy poster-book from fall tour
* 5-song bootleg download from fall tour
* brand new collectible 5-button pack
* 3 sticker pack
* free 1-song download from Jon's new solo EP titled "fall"

Very cool.
Getting a shirt will cost $20, and adding the holiday package will add an additional $25, making the grand total $45. It's a sweet deal.


The first Jono EP review is up!

According to Foreman the songwriting and production of these EPs were creatively intertwined. "Most of these songs were written and recorded the same night," said Foreman. "I would sing and play my guitar late at night until I got a take that captured what the song meant to me. From there I would add instruments to the vocal to see what would be appropriate. It was a very therapeutic, lonely, cleansing process."

The Fall EP stirs up just this sort of sentiment — its stripped-down arrangements put Jon's earnest voice and raw lyrics at the forefront of this personal set of songs.

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