Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Happy 3rd birthday to our dear friends over at Land of Broken Hearts! One of the greatest fan sites on the web, for any artist, much less Switchfoot. Head on over and shower them with birthday salutations. :)



There's a new interview with Jon Foreman from the site, Causecast. They talk to Jon in-depth concerning his involvement in social justice. Here's an excerpt:

Causecast Music Manager Brandon Deroche recently had the opportunity to speak with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Fiction Family to discuss Darfur, the idea of peace, and a strange conversation he once overheard in a bookstore.

BD: There seems to be a common underlying belief that we’re in a time in history where a major shift is taking place. Do you feel that we’re in a time of transition?

Jon Foreman: I do believe we’re in a time of transition. I feel in many ways America is not America, yet. The American Dream is one that has potency in its lack of definition. At the same time there is a certain sense of, I don’t want put this in a harsh way or in a negative light, but I think people feel like they are entitled to certain elements of life that I don’t believe to be entitlements. Every breath is a gift and many times in the first world we treat our breath with contempt in the way we treat each other, and the way we treat our own planet reflects that view. I do believe this is a transitional time when we’re looking at that outlook and putting it into balance and finding it, wanting.

BD: What do you feel is music’s role in this?

JF: To me, music plays many roles in society. It can be an alarm clock or it can be a lullaby. There are certainly both sides singing out and there is also a side of music that’s just simply stating truth as it is and not the timeless and immortal truth but the temporal and mortal truth of our time. They’re just singing it the way they see it. I feel like music does have a role to play in waking people up but i don’t think thats the entire role music plays.

BD: So, what do you think is music’s most powerful tool?

JF: I think music is powerful because, in the words of C.S. Lewis, “fiction and fairytale sneak past the watchful dragons of religion.” We all have these sentinels set around our lives that keep anyone else’s viewpoint out. Other people’s viewpoints might not line up with our way of seeing the world, so we keep all these things out.

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Here's a new update from Switchfoot.com

8.31.09: The Bowery Mission in NYC

we had a great time on the tour with Blue October, thanks to everyone who came out to sing along with us! Also, many thanks to those of you who brought donations to the Bowery Mission in NYC, such an amazing group of folks. Go to www.bowery.org to get involved. Below you can see a few shots of our time there. News on the pre-release is coming soon, thanks for your patience!


Lastly, Justin from Blue October sang with Switchfoot onstage at final show of the Crazy Making Tour in Hampton Beach, and here's video evidence:

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