Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BIG Opening Day for "Hello Hurricane"; More to Come!

Yes friends. First off, for the most tangible news, Switchfoot's "Hello Hurricane" started off at No. 4 overall on iTunes, and No. 1 (Deluxe Edition) and No. 4 (Regular) on the Alternative Albums chart. Notable is the fact that it is behind some small names such as 50 Cent and Bon Jovi.

Also notable, is that Switchfoot is ahead of other notables, Dashboard Confessional and Flyleaf. Very very good opening day for the boys from San Diego.


Also, in other opening day news, #HelloHurricane was a trending topic on Twitter for 4 1/2 hours yesterday, beginning at approximately 2 pm PST and ending at approximately 6:30 pm PST. It reached as high as No. 6 on the trending topics! Here is proof:

Our Twitter burst worked, big time friends!


Switchfoot was featured on AOL's Noisecreep.

Here is a Feature

And here is a clip of the making of "Hello Hurricane" video


MSN Music also featured Switchfoot on their Listening Booth, an excerpt of which can be read below:

Like Flyleaf, Switchfoot has enjoyed terrific success in the contemporary Christian market. But please don't pigeonhole the San Diego five-piece. New tunes like "Needle and Haystack Life" and "The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues)" are polished, radio-friendly alt-rock comparable to U2 and Jane's Addiction, respectively. Those are just two highlights from "Hello Hurricane," their seventh full-length. Even if this collection of new tunes, produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem affiliate Mike Elizondo, isn't your cup of tea, you still have to admire Switchfoot's good intentions: Throughout their current North American tour, which concludes Dec. 9 in Boston, the band is conducting a canned food drive.

^You can also listen to the album, if for some strange reason you don't already have it. :P Just kidding.


Here's a video of the guys playing "Mess of Me" at the Sam Goody Show in San Diego to celebrate their cd release.

And "Yet"


Relevant Magazine did an extended feature on Switchfoot, their cover story for their latest issue, on their latest podcast. Download it here.

----- did a harsh, yet complementary review of "Hello Hurricane." It may anger some, so you can read it here if you'd like.

BUT, they do have their entire site skinned out to "Hello Hurricane." Very nice.


Jeremy said...

You posted a review yesterday from The Badger Herald, a university paper. I've found that most college papers don't review mainstream artists very well; college students want to feel "hip", so they tend to gravitate to more obscure music/artists. Therefore, they tend to view any mainstream music/artists negatively, which obviously causes them to have a negative bias before even reviewing the music.

However, I did find this glowing review from the Saint Mary's Collegian. Thought you might like to read it. :)

Joy* said...

Man! i work for a very important latin America website and I also wrote about them :)

O4 said...

Any idea where Hello Hurricane would be on iTunes if sales weren't divided over two albums?

Job said...

@Jeremy thanks! I'll take a look at it.

@Joy, that's so cool!

@O4, i'd like to think it could very possibly be No. 1 overall, but I suppose we'll never know. :(