Monday, November 9, 2009

FootColumn: My Favorite Song to Date...

I (along with alot of you) have had the privilege to hear three of Switchfoot's new songs off of their new album Hello Hurricane before the CD was released. The first was Mess Of Me, and like I'm sure most of you did, I smiled from ear to ear the entire time. Then I heard The Sound, followed by my most recent listen of Always.

But out of all three of these master pieces I would have to say that The Sound is my absolute favorite. Please don't get me wrong, I relished every moment of each song, and I still love every one. But there was just something about The Sound. Mess Of Me, in my opinion, was great, undeniably fantastic, and unpredictable, but still Switchfoot in every way. Maybe even catchy, it was great, really, really great. I wouldn't have chosen another song to be my first off this alubm. And then there was Always it was honestly like reliving the glory days, I got that same rush as when I first heard Only Hope, 24, and On Fire. But there was just that extra spark in The Sound, you know that one that makes your heart stop. The one that makes you keep it on repeat for the entire day, the entire week? Maybe you don't know that sense of obsession as I do, but I can tell you that song brought it on full throttle. It was just this rush of awe and amazement. Call me crazy, but I just love that song. So for all of you who didn't like it, that's your call. And I won't hold it against you. And please don't think that I didn't like the others because trust me, I loved them. But for some reason The Sound, grabbed my heart and threw it into a tizzy, and it still hasn't let go.

If you haven't heard it, please listen. And if you agree, disagree, or have a comment/ question, about this post. Please leave a comment, trust me I don't hate them. :)

-Bleah Briann

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