Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday News Digest

Here's a splendid acoustic video of Switchfoot playing "Always"


Here are some Reviews:

Blog Critics

By the time Hello Hurricane was decided upon for the next album title, there were already 80 songs to choose from. These were recorded in a home studio and the tracks which made the cut are as diverse as the band members themselves.
"Needle and Haystack Life" kicks things off with a keyboard loudly announcing its presence. The song talks about how right a certain couple is and will only be found once in a lifetime of trying. The beat makes one sit-up and starts toes tapping.
"Mess Of Me" is my favorite tune out of the entire bunch. Foreman makes a decision to live a life fully alive rather than one simply sitting by the curb taking up space. The strong guitar makes a terrific backdrop for the powerful statement. Despite the bad choices made early in life, the lyrics suggest someone ready to take charge.

Phoenix Times reviewed the show from last night.

It must be nice for a band like Switchfoot to play an intimate venue like Martini Ranch.

The pop rock band sold out tonight's show, and the audience, which was made up of mostly 20- and 30-something's, actually sung along, danced and clapped to the music.
Switchfoot released their seventh studio album, Hello Hurricane, this past Tuesday,
and the crowd did their homework quickly, singing along to every song from the album.

"I don't know how you guys are already singing along," said guitarist/vocalist Jon Foreman. "It's amazing. You're officially our favorite crowd ever."


Rockerrazzi Interview part 2


Also, Switchfoot had a pretty funny fail on their twitter this afternoon. We were planning a cool contest to help spread the word about "Hello Hurricane" this weekend, but it failed. Here's the twitter sequence.

1. the 20th person to RT our next tweet will win a signed hello hurricane tour poster... get ready to RT...

2. Today I didn't break 100 in bowling but I did break a shaker during the acoustic set... Romey <--- THIS was not supposed to be there... oh Romey...

3. our new record #hellohurricane is out now! pick it up on itunes for only 9.99 <----- THIS was the right one... but...

4. Wait, that one didn't count. Switchfoot fail. The next Twitter will be the one to retweet. Sorry bout that, ha.

5. Still cracking up, such an epic fail! So classic! I think we need to send out a few posters now to all the winners. We love you guys, -tf

6. congrats to @alliwally92 and @kempokid! let's still get the word out on #hellohurricane! <----- THERE you go. :P

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