Sunday, November 22, 2009

More "Hello Hurricane" Reviews!

Christianity Today posted their review of "Hello Hurricane." Excerpt:

In all the swells and sways of grungy guitar riffs and drilling drums, there's something really authentic about Hello Hurricane. Not that it is without influences. Mandatory derivatives of Coldplay and U2 are inserted alongside tinges of The Killers and JET, and even a skosh of Modest Mouse, but the overall record feels original—thanks in part to producer/bassist-pro Mike Elizondo's (Dr. Dre, Pink, Fiona Apple) varied experience.

^I've noticed that most of the Christian publications have really dug this record. Waiting on Rolling Stone, Spin, and Paste Magazine to review this record.


Our friend TJ wrote up a review of "Hello Hurricane" for The Christian Manifesto. Excerpt

Musically speaking, Switchfoot delivers their loudest album to date. Numbers like “Mess of Me” and “Bullet Soul” definitely insure that Switchfoot won’t be accused of turning the volume down on this effort. In addition to this, Switchfoot quite honestly opens up their hearts on their seventh studio effort. From the chorus of “Your Love is a Song” to the piano ballad “Always”, the band has put together what is arguably their most lyrically direct album to date.

^Be sure to check out the rest of the review. :)


HM Magazine has a review as well. Excerpt:

Most bands don’t rebound after having the amount of success that Switchfoot did with “The Beautiful Letdown” and then the “let downs” of 2 albums following it. I too was even a skeptic of if Switchfoot could bounce back and in some regards had lost my desire for the band’s material. The 3 years between albums by all industry standards could’ve killed this band but I believe this album will be the band’s shining moment. I believe this album will be the album people remember.


Air1 is featuring Switchfoot. Check out the banner across their website:

They also have an audio interview. Check it out here. It's nothing too too new, but still a great listen. Be sure to listen to all the sections. "We knew we were doomed when we called the song 'Always,' because we were always working on it." - Tim Foreman. haha. nice.

We'll be back with full updates on Monday. Thanks for reading. :)


Thomas said...

Job, thanks for being understanding about my review. :P


Haley Gambrell said...

Thanks for posting reviews. I really enjoy seeing what other people have to say about this album, and I'm eagerly awaiting more...particularly from Paste. :)

Job said...

@TJ, hey again no worries dude. I'm glad to see you're getting chances to write in lots of places. :)

@Haley, you're welcome. I've always liked positive reviews too. Really looking forward to Paste and Rolling Stone. :)