Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#hellohurricane is trending on Twitter!


But we need to keep this up. So here's the game plan:
We want you to keep Twittering #HelloHurricane! BUT do not twitter it more than 3 times per post. If you Twitter #HelloHurricane say 8 times, it's not going to count toward the trending topic count.

Also, let's imagine for a second that you're not a Switchfoot fan (*gasp*)... say you get on Twitter and you see the Trending Topic #HelloHurricane. It strikes your curiosity to you click it.... and you see a page of people going "#HelloHurricane" over and over. Chances are you aren't going to search around to find out any more. So here's the deal... our posts about this NEED to include a link or a Switchfoot mention. We want people to get curious about the album and give it a listen. So post a link to the guys' website, myspace or facebook. Post a link to the Mess of Me music video. Link the iTunes listing. Just let people know Hello Hurricane is an album they need to check out!

If you can, also try to include @switchfoot in your tweets.. hopefully people will then go and check out Switchfoot's twitter and follow! It'd be awesome if they could get 50k followers out of this wouldn't it?

The goal:
Get #HelloHurricane to be the #1 trending topic of the day.

We can do it guys! ARE YOU READY TO GO!?

- Jeanna from LOBH
- Job

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