Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Hello Hurricane" No. 6 on iTunes Weekly Sales

The Associated Press released the charts of iTunes album sales released on the week of Nov. 16, 2009.


1. "Before I Self Destruct," 50 cent
2. "Glee - The Music, Vol. 1," Glee Cast
3. "Play On," Carrie Underwood
4. "The Circle," Bon Jovi
5. "Attention Deficit," Wale
6. "Hello Hurricane," Switchfoot
7. "Memento Mori," Flyleaf
8. "Alter the Ending," Dashboard Confessional
9. "Ocean Eyes," Owl City
10. "Fearless," Taylor Swift

^Notably, it finished ahead of Flyleaf and Dashboard Confessional. We'll be hearing other album charts news very soon, so sit tight!


Patrol Magazine reviewed "Hello Hurricane," giving it 6.9/10 stars. Read it here


Our friends over at LOBH had an exclusive interview Andy Barron, the photographer for Switchfoot and the man responsible behind the artwork for "Hello Hurricane." Here's an excerpt:

Land of Broken Hearts (LOBH): Can you tell us the story behind the Hello Hurricane CD cover photo? Where was the photo taken? How did you take it?

Andy Barron: It was on the Up In Arms tour in New Jersey and we had a show on a pier over the water. There was a window through the bathroom that you could use and sneak out onto the roof, so we did. The guys were running around having fun with the birds and at one point I laid down and looked up and snapped [the shot]. I was hoping a bird wouldn't poop on my lens.

LOBH: I have to ask... is there ANY photoshopping on the image? Color correcting? Sharpening? Contrast? Layers?

Andy: As much as I would love to say there was no PS work to it, there is. Nothing crazy though. I adjusted colors and whatnot to my liking, and then there was one bird we affectionately called the 'hammerhead bird' because it lined up with another bird to make it look like a bird had a whole other bird for a head. I hope that makes sense. Needless to say I cleaned that up a little bit, but nothing too drastic was done to it.

^I loved it! Be sure to check out the rest!


Today marks the release of the latest American Idol winner, Kris Allen. Significant is that one of Allen's songs was co-written with Jon Foreman.

He tells MTV that he learned a lot from writing with the Switchfoot singer:

But it was fellow dude rockers Jon Foreman (from Switchfoot) and the Fray's Joe King who Allen said he learned the most from. "As an artist, I feel like I can relate to them. And obviously, Jon Foreman's lyrics are outta this world," Allen gushed. Foreman and King's efforts resulted in the inspiring anthem "Lifetime" and the jumpy, George Harrison-inspired "Alright With Me," respectively.

^That's awesome. Be sure to check out "Lifetime" on iTunes or Amazon if you can.


It's tour time! And Switchfoot have been busy tweeters, keeping the Twitter feed interesting. Here are highlights:

- Had an amazing time tonight in OKC. Thanks for the bonus encore! Played "you" for the first time ever. Dallas HOB tomorrow! -tf

- Up early, getting ready to play some tunes live on Good Morning Dallas TV.

- Done with tv, now on our way to 102.1 the EDGE. Drew's mustache says hello. http://yfrog.com/79mghj

- Here's jon playing Stars on guitar while crowdsurfing http://bit.ly/2p0GVI don't think he's played it better! -tf

- Good news Nashville. For those of you who can't get in to our sold-out show this sunday, we are adding a second night on Monday!

- Chad's tracking a cover of a tune by The Verve on the verizon bus right now, guess which one? http://yfrog.com/13kerytrj



"Mess of Me" moved up a slot today, and is now No. 28 on the Alternative charts! Keep up the requesting! It's working.



Don't forget to take the time to vote! It's not that much of a time-waster (only a couple minutes at most). Also, remember, remember to request "Mess of Me" on your local rock stations. Again, it's re-surging at radio, so be sure to help keep the pressure on!


- 98.7 (Los Angeles) Badass 8 We need to continue to put pressure on and get higher! The station is starting to spin the song more... VOTE.

- 91x (San Diego) Christy Taylor's REALLY BIG Countdown Keep requesting each day to keep it on the countdown! We were no. 1 last night. YES!

- RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted. We still have the top spot! Well done! Let's keep it that way!

- We need to get "Mess of Me" on to KROQ, in order to get this single off the ground. Go HERE to request it! Keep it up friends! Don't slow down, WE NEED THIS. Keep going.


Again, go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with!! This is our time to shine, friends!

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