Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello Hurricane tour Roxy Show Recap

The Hello Hurricane tour continues! Here are videos from last night's show in West Hollywood, at the Roxy!

"Needle and Haystack Life"

"Your Love Is a Song"

"Free" (with "Happy Is a Yuppie Word" intro)

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blinditachil7 also provided the setlist:

01 - Needle and Haystack Life
02 - Mess of Me
03 - Your Love Is a Song
04 - The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues)
05 - Enough to Let Me Go
06 - Free
07 - Hello Hurricane
08 - Always
09 - Bullet Soul
10 - Yet
11 - Sing It Out
12 - Red Eyes
13 - Dare You to Move
14 - Stars
15 - Oh! Gravity
16 - This Is Your Life
17 - Twenty-Four
18 - Only Hope
19 - Meant to Live
20 - Dirty Second Hands



CCM Magazine


CCM Magazine's website also features Switchfoot on the frontpage, and has some personal blogs from the band members. Check out the source page here

Here is what's out so far.

Tim Foreman:

Last night was actually pretty emotional for me and I think it was for the other guys too. We played the entire new record live, front-to-back, for the first time ever, for a sold-out hometown crowd here in San Diego. It marked the end of a long journey making this record and the beginning of a new one as we begin touring these songs around the world. We've poured so much into these songs over the past three years and it feels a bit surreal to see this album finally breathing in the daylight.
Playing twelve new songs in a row that people haven't yet heard is a real stretch for almost any audience to sit through and we were really blown away by the enthusiasm and excitement that was expressed last night from the crowd. It was as if they had shared in the journey with us, as if these songs were connecting with them in the same way that they connect with us. What a gift. We are truly thankful. Hello Hurricane.
-Tim Foreman

Jerome Fontamillas:

Here I am the day before our new album is released feeling a bit contemplative as I think back over the last two and a half years of the recording process and the remarkable journey the five of us have gone through in making this album. I feel so proud to be in a band with Chad, Drew, Tim and Jon. I loved seeing how the songs have grown from a tiny idea to where it is now.
Jon, thank you for allowing me to help you sculpt these very personal songs. It's truly an honor. Tim, your vision for the details of the tunes has not gone unnoticed. The final product is a reflection of that. Chad, not only are you an awesome drummer, but your encouragement throughout this whole recording process has been so welcomed and much needed. Drew, not only do you push the boundaries of creativity, but you've also helped me to push my own boundaries of creating music as well.

To me, you are the "fountain of sound." I feel like the five of us have just gone on a roller-coaster, inching its way to the highest peak. Looks like we're just about there... I begin to raise my hands... here we go! Hello Hurricane!
-Jerome Fontamillas

On Tuesday our record came out. We leave for L.A. in the morning and then head east. I still find the whole idea of modern travel fairly incredible. I find it remarkable that in a few weeks time I will be on the other side of the country- looking out across an ocean that is not the Pacific. And it's not just physical travel that impresses me- almost everything around us moves incredibly quickly. I am typing these words on a laptop that will wirelessly transmit this message to be read by you, the reader, wherever you may be. Or take in this modern marvel: our entire record (songs that took three years to conjure up!) can be downloaded in a few minutes. These are truly incredible feats.

And yet, most of our modern technological achievements are implemented in an attempt to accomplish the foundational elements of the human experience: communication, community, identity, self-expression... With all of our "progress" we are no closer to answering the timeless questions that define our lives. We are looking for answers. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace... we are social beings looking for meaning, purpose, and relationship. Who am I? What is meaningful? What is worth living for? Technology cannot define these things. We define these answers with our actions. "Who am I? Well, maybe I'm a guy who spends way too much time on his laptop! What is meaningful, or worth living for?" Apparently, (judging from my use of the time I've been given on the planet) this laptop sure is!

I'm not knocking technology, (as I already mentioned that I'm using a laptop to write these thoughts down!) but I am saying that every blessing is a curse. The incredibly sharp blade of the binary world can be used for good and for evil. I know first hand. I'll be using cell phones, emails, Skype, and all the rest to try and connect with my loved ones while I'm gone. But I miss the physical element the most. I guess I'm simply a voice in the digital world crying out for an analog conversation. Physical hands holding each other. Physical eyes looking at one another, looking around at this planet and marveling at it. None of us are immortal. These hearts only beat for so long. So don't wait! Why talk to Facebook for another hour? Shut down your computer, give your daughter a kiss and take a walk with your wife.

-Jon Foreman


Alternative Press has Switchfoot featured on their homepage as well, with a certain infamous picture being used. :P

They also have a feature with Switchfoot, a song-by-song review with Jon Foreman. It's nothing new, but still interesting to note.


Here's a higher quality video of the time Switchfoot was featured on The Morning Show.

^I now realize, this has some footage of the band working on the radio edit version "Always!" Interesting random trivia there.


Some more videos from the Sam Goody CD release show:

"Always" (Radio Edit arrangement, acoustic)

^Really liked that!

"Yet" (full)



Don't forget to take the time to vote! Remember, remember to request "Mess of Me" on your local rock stations. It's slowing down a bit, but we can help the single to keep going!

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