Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Official "Mess of Me" Music Video is now live!

UPDATE (2:31 PM PST): Here it is!

A MESSAGE FROM LOBH and We're Awakening!:

Hello fellow fams!

As you know by now (if you don't, time to crawl out of that cave) the official Mess of Me video has been released online.

Now is the time to START PROMOTING.

Switchfoot's management really wants for this video to "blow up" within the first 48 hours, and we as fans have a pivotal role to play in that. In fact, if we don't start the ball rolling, this video will never take off. I guess you could consider yourselves the "fire starters."

So here is what YOU need to do...
First, take a look at the 48 HOUR GOAL PLAN crafted by Switchfoot's official YouTube guy, Corey Vidal:
1,500+ Ratings
1,500+ Favorites
5,000+ Comments (CHECK)
75,000+ Views

- 5,000+ Comments
You remember what to do. Last time around, we amassed 13,000 comments in a little under a month. That's INCREDIBLE. I say we can do just as well this time. 5000 comments in two days will be a piece of cake

- 75,000+ Views
Of course, who wouldn't want to watch Switchfoot greatness, right? Make sure you also:
- SHARE the song to all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, etc. This will ensure that as many of your friends as possible will see this video. To think, if at least all of us do this, we will cover some ground, but if at least one of YOUR friends likes it and posts it, it will just continue to spread. Let's do our part by employing the most powerful promotional tool: word-of-mouth... or... word-of-keyboard?

- 1,500+ Ratings
Ratings are incredibly important on Youtube. The more ratings, the higher on search rankings videos get. This is the most important statistic on videos, so PLEASE RATE THE VIDEO.

- 1,500+ Favorites
Who wouldn't want to watch this over and over again? Favorite it, not only so you can enjoy Switchfoot greatness, but also to help bolster the video's position. 1500 favorites in two day

So that's it friends! We really need to band together to make this video a success, so let's get cracking!
We'll see you on the Mess of Me YouTube Comments!
- Jeanna (http://www.landofbrokenhearts.org) and Job (http://www.wereawakening.blogspot.com)


UPDATE (1:32 PM PST): The "Mess of Me" video needed some more fine-tuning, so Corey is hard at work making that happen. We should have it within an hour or so. PLEASE don't lose heart... we will get this video today to promote!!

In the meantime, here's a new video from the old Switchfootpodcast account, lightheartedly urging you to SUBSCRIBE to the new Switchfoot channel.

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Bleah Briann said...

HILARIOUS! lol I like it.