Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Switchfoot Debuts at No. 13 on the Billboard 200

Switchfoot made it to No. 13 on the Billboard 200 this week, with a solid 39,000 copies sold of "Hello Hurricane" sold. They trailed notable names such as Bon Jovi at 163,000 copies sold, good for No. 1 on the 200, and the No. 8 Flyleaf, at 56,000 copies "Memento Mori." (EW)

^I say it's a solid debut. It honestly could be worse, and although it finished well behind "Oh! Gravity." in terms of first-week sales, I think it has more potential for the long-term. Also, "Hello Hurricane" didn't have a gold-certified hit record in front of it (See: "Nothing Is Sound"), and the music industry has slid quite a ways in the last three years. This is a GREAT debut friends.


Nashville! Switchfoot has added a 2nd Show for 11/23 in your town! Click link below to purchase tickets.



Have you ever wanted to see Jon Foreman compete in a game show? Well, here's your chance ! (well, sorta)

Jon is featured as one of the contestants who answers some environmental questions on; the only thing is, YOU get to decide how Jon answers. It's rather hilarious... I tried answering for him, and since he gives the answer you choose, he also got the question wrong. So funny. Try it.

Note:Jon can be found in the Hot, Hot, Hot and Pollution Soulution categories. LOL.


iTunes finally has their official review of "Hello Hurricane." Here's an excerpt:

Roaring back on a new label with a retooled sound, Switchfoot turns Hello Hurricane into a triumphant statement of purpose. It's not that the album s free from fear and doubt –– lead singer/songwriter Jon Foreman grapples with a host of inner afflictions in these tracks. But the strength of Hello Hurricane comes from its sense of spiritual victory in the face of overwhelming odds, aided by some of the brawniest rock the band has laid down since its inception.

Read the rest here, and if you haven't already, BUY IT. :)


Friends, management has emailed us asking for some help at these local markets:

Request : (Phone) 801-470-9750 (Utah County)
801-570-9750 (Salt Lake County)
801-670-9750 (Davis County)

Request: (Phone) 602-260-1039 | Text: 91039

^If you live in those areas, please call in and request "Mess of Me." It would help the cause greatly, and if you're not from the area, if you feel so obliged, take a break from working the phones in your city and help us out there too!



Speaking of "Mess of Me," it's holding strong at No. 28 on the Alternative rock charts. Keep requesting! Link to request page can be found in the voting section below:



Don't forget to take the time to vote! It's not that much of a time-waster (only a couple minutes at most). Also, remember, remember to request "Mess of Me" on your local rock stations. "Hello Hurricane" has already debuted and made a mark on the Billboard charts. It's now our job to make this a very long and fruitful album cycle for the band! The way to do that is to help with radio and voting. Thanks friends for your time. :)


- 98.7 (Los Angeles) Badass 8 WE WERE NO. 3 LAST NIGHT! We need to continue to put pressure on and get higher! The station is starting to spin the song more... VOTE.

- 91x (San Diego) Christy Taylor's REALLY BIG Countdown Keep requesting each day to keep it on the countdown! We were no. 1 last night. YES!

- RadioU's Top Ten Most Wanted. We still have the top spot! Well done! Let's keep it that way!

- We need to get "Mess of Me" on to KROQ, in order to get this single off the ground. Go HERE to request it! Keep it up friends! Don't slow down, WE NEED THIS. Keep going.


Again, go here to see a list of stations already playing "Mess of Me" and phone numbers to call in and request the song with!! This is our time to shine, friends!


Chris Triebold said...

awesome numbers! flyleaf has only 17k more first week fans? thats awesome! very well done switchfoot. highest charting album other than nothing is sound

Job said...

It is great. Was hoping for a bit of a higher amount, but not bad at all.

Anonymous said...

A little story...

once upon a time switchfoot released oh! gravity which started at #18 selling 63,000. Two months later, a little band called Reliant K had their album start at #6 and sell 64,000, proving they had a few more dedicated fans...the albums ended up being relative comercial failures and sold about the same end amount.

Last month reliant k (newly indie) had their album start at #15 selling 33,000 copies. 1 month later switchfoot (now indie) started their album at #13 selling 39,000 copies. proving that this time THEY had more dedicated fans.

here's hoping both bands work hard and that their albums do not fail to produce hits. and here's hoping always the most popular of the two :)