Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mid-day UPDATES: "Your Love Is a Song" charts in iTunes top 100; Exclusive Switchfoot song?

For the main update for today, and a recap of Switchfoot's huge opening day yesterday, you can go here.


Great news this morning, thanks to Jeanna from LOBH for pointing these out.

"Hello Hurricane," according to's iTunes chart, is listed twice in the Top 10.

^That's amazing and looks pretty comical!


"Your Love Is a Song," a potential SMASH single (in my opinion), is getting some early returns, being the 95th ranked song overall in the entire iTunes music store.

^If you have any extra cash, please contribute...? If we can get a Billboard charting for that song also, what a great message that sends to Atlantic!

Other charts:

On it's currently:
#32 in Music
#1 in Music > Christian
#17 in Music > Rock
#30 in Music > Pop

As for the songs... iTunes Top Alternative Songs:
#13 - Your Love is a Song
#32 - Enough to Let Me Go
#98 - Hello Hurricane


In other news, Switchfoot once again have a surprise of their sleeves. Check out this tweet from them... I thought it was rather cryptic at first:

- recording 1 song exclusively 4 part is you guys get to choose the song. follow @vcastmusic for details

Vcast then kinda sorta cleared it up, but I'm hoping to get more details.

- @Switchfoot will be recording 1 song exclusively for Verizon & they want YOU to choose the song! We'll post song choices noon PST 4 voting!


Now this makes more sense:

- Tweet us which song u want #Switchfoot 2 record an acoustic version of: “Mess Of Me”, “The Sound” or “Always.”Voting closes 11/13 @ 11am PST


Here's a list of food banks Switchfoot will be supporting throughout the Hello Hurricane tour.

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