Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here we go

Well on Monday 100 4 SF starts!

We have 25 people committed to voting 100 times on VH1 the this next Monday through Friday. That is 12,500 votes. We have a very good chance of making the VH1 countdown!

Vote, vote, vote etc. Vote 100 time if you’ve signed up. Vote a lot even if you didn’t. All you have to do to vote is click: HERE

Type in “Switchfoot” and “Awakening” in the wild card boxes at the bottom. Click “add to list” then drag the switchfoot box top the #1 position of the blank countdown. Then hit submit. It will thank you for voting, then you will click on “Rank them again” in the top left side of the screen.

Here is the list of those committed:

1. Chris

2. Nat

3. Lydia

4. Melody

5. Susy

6. Andrew

7. Vrexico

8. popa_razzi

9. hope2lose!myself4good

10. LOLgirl4!Switchfoot

11. Primoblu

12. Reg

13. Kitty

14. Lena

15. Job

16. Jay

17. A!M_HeArTs_S!F/amy

18. golden smile

19. shooting_star

20. megan

21. rinni

22. Katie

23. Michael

24. Nikki

25. X3beccamariex3

If you want to be added please comment saying so between now and Monday!

Me and Job will be voting right along with you. Lets not give up! Switchfoot needs us.

And since Job is coming back, this is Chris saying goodbye for now :)


Anonymous said...

I would like to be added on the list.

lydia said...

25 ppl!!oh make that 26! woot!! lol

you know...we may even have 30 or + before *sings* "monday comes around! hey friday watcha gonna do now when monday comes around..." lol

Anonymous said...

-Keith from Toronto

Y@$#! said...


Libni said...

i'm voting!! add me to the list! I'm Abby

Lindsey said...

i'm voting

Cool J said...

I'd like to be added to the list as well...Switchfoot rulez!