Monday, July 23, 2007

A week from today

“I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor, I dare you to join 100 4 SF!” –Jon Foreman *cough*

Well guys the word about 100 4 SF is being spread!

I told everyone I knew, posted on the official boards, and LOBH posted about it. That is a great start.

At last count there were 17 people committed to voting 100 times July 30th through August 3rd. The goal is 100 people and we have 7 days to get them. So hold on while I get my calculator and figure out the percentage here…

Um…yeah I think we are 17% of the way there! That is 8,500 votes committed!

If you said you committed on the boards we are counting you on the list of 15, but if you haven’t commented here, or on the boards, then please let us know you’ll be joining!

In the next 7 days before 100 4 SF starts, we have some work to do. Here are just some ideas:

  1. Tell your friends to join.
  2. Host a 100 4 SF signature on your forums.
  3. Host a small ad on your blog.
  4. Practice voting ;)
  5. Talk about it on forums.
  6. Talk about on the youtube awakening video.

Here are two blog ads:

And two forum signatures:

I’m sure you guys could make better ones, but I had fun making them :)

If we get 100 people, we get “Awakening” on VH1.

Just imagine, being one of 100 people that were responsible for Switchfoot’s renewed popularity.

It almost seems too good to be true. This is truly a momentous battle us Foot Soldiers are about to engage in.

Just 30 minutes of your day for five days will make history.

7 days until the attack!

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