Friday, July 6, 2007

VH1 Coutdown News; Feedback to Sony?; and site news...

Well guys, I have to admit. This is a lot harder than I thought! The results for this week's Coutdown on VH1 are in, and guess what? No Switchfoot. We're gonna have to buckle down and flood the voting polls. Don't vote for anything else; only Switchfoot in the No. 1 box, and that's it. Unless of course... the voting is rigged by VH1?? Well, we'll have to keep voting anyways.


I have another suggestion, if anyone cares to listen. If you haven't already, why don't
you try sending feedback to Sony about their lack of support for "Awakening." Lets gently ask them to help start promoting "Awakening" across the radio and tv airwaves. I've done it once, and I might do it one more time. So,here's the link.


Now, for some site news:

I updated the sidebar today, and now you can quickly reach the voting sites from We're Awakening. (note, there's two different FUSE voting things. One is the full ballot, the other is the Guilty Pleasures only voting ballot. We can get two quick votes if we use both!). I plan to have another list on the sidebar that has all the links to all the different videos "Awakening" is on (AOL, Yahoo!,, etc.), so we can push the video up all the charts!

Thanks, that's all for now. remember to keep viewing the video on Youtube, AOL, Yahoo!, etc.


hehe... I couldn't resist slipping this in again...

P.s. Look what I found!
P.S. 2 Look what I found, part 2! I bet you all will be able to figure out why I posted it... ;)

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