Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tips on How to Survive 100 4 SF...

...or at least to make it easier...? haha. Becca, one of our fellow footsoldiers, sent in some tips she came up with to keep the voting spirit at a high! Here's what she had to say:

1. Make VH1 your homepage. Think about voting 5-10 times before going to the next site you were going to visit (like myspace, email, etc.)

2. Set a couple times a day to sit down and do x number of votes. For instance, you could say that you'll get on at 2PM to vote 30 times, 5PM to vote another 30 times, then at 7PM and 9PM you could vote 30 more times. Spreading it out will make the whole experience easier.

3. Listen to switchfoot while voting. In my opinion, they're quite
motivating. :)

4. Keep a count of votes that you've submitted. Do you know that little time after you click "submit" where it says "processing vote"? that's the
perfect few seconds to put a little dot on a piece of paper to show that you
submitted a vote. Not only does it keep track of how many votes you've submitted, but it'll make you feel good to look back at it at the end of the day and see how much you've committed to switchfoot.

those are just a few things. If you feel like posting them feel free
simplify them. I kinda went on and on.

Great tips Becca! Thanks!

Current list (+1 new addition!)

1. Chris
2. Nat
3. Lydia
4. Melody
5. Susy
6. Andrew
7. Vrexico
8. popa_razzi
9. hope2lose!myself4good
10. LOLgirl4!Switchfoot
11. Primoblu
12. Reg
13. Kitty
14. Lena
15. Job
16. Jay
17. A!M_HeArTs_S!F/amy
18. golden smile
19. shooting_star
20. megan
21. rinni
22. Katie
23. Michael
24. Nikki
25. X3beccamariex
26. Cool J
27. Lindsey
28. Abby
29. Keith (from toronto)
30. Ryan Meade (NEW!)

How many of you have been keeping track of how many times you've voted? I know I'm kinda behind everyone now (I only voted 101 times on Vh1 yesterday, and 8 times on FUSE)... -__-

Today is the last day of Awakening Month... lets make it good! (how many of you think extending it to the end of this week sounds like a good idea??)


Susy said...

Hey Job! Great tips! I'm doing all the votes in one sitting. Today I voted 250 times and I've been keeping count the way Becca suggested.

It's true that when you look back at how many times you've voted you feel really good. At least I know I do.

I'm also planning on adding 25 votes each day! I just hope we really do get it on the countdown.

Well good luck voting today! And thanks againg for motivating us all!

Natalie said...

Count me in!! I voted yesterday, just forgot to sign up.lol I've done mine for today! I might do some extra tho...-N@

Chris said...

i have doen 200 plus some stuff i didn't count on saturday.

great tips!!

and yeah dude the month totally ends on the 3rd :D

nat said...

It didn't publish my comment from yesterday!

Not that I can remember what it was...something about my voting...and if you aren't already, it's much quicker to vote when you have "awakening" under your Ctrl V.

Lena said...

I forgot to vote yesterday x.x so I've got 200 to do today... dang...