Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Voting Link!

Awakening is currently No. 8 on Relevant.tv's most requested. If we all vote, we can
easily get it to No. 1 on what is one of my favorite online video sources. Lets do it!
(Thanks LOBH for the heads up!)

Launch Relevant.tv player
Go check out their podcast on itunes as well. Its hilarious and entertaining, and I was hooked after listening to one episode.

Remember to keep voting on VH1 and FUSE also for the video! The song is freefalling on the radio charts, but video success will all but guarantee radio success!

edit (9:43 P.M.): Dang! The video's already at No. 1 on Relevant! Great job everyone! Lets keep it there!


In other news, the "Awakening" video has experienced a revival as far as linkage goes.

Just a week or two ago, it was completely off the charts. It is now No. 79, and steadily rising. Great job guys!!! Lets try to get the video to 1,500,000 views by the end of "Awakening Month!"

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