Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yahoo! Music Spotlight

Yahoo! Music Spotlight

Well Switchfams, we're progressing well so far for "Awakening Month." Keep the views coming for the Youtube video, and lets get the AOL video some more exposure, shall we?

The next outlet I'd like to spotlight is Yahoo! Music. Remember when the Oh! Gravity. video first premiered there? Obviously Yahoo! music is important to us, and "Awakening" hasn't been noticed on there too much (just like everywhere else it seems...). But now, lets give the video a little push on Yahoo! Like I said before, labels are looking more and more at Yahoo! music, AOL video, and Youtube to see what's "hot" in the music industry today. So view the Yahoo! video at least once a day, along with AOL, and Youtube.

If all of us did that, we could give "Awakening" even more exposure!

Here's the link!

And don't forget to keep voting on FUSE and VH1! These places are critical! (If Switchfoot does well on these two, what's stopping MTV, IMF, and Music Choice from adding the video to their rotations? Can you say, mega-hit??) Success on the TV front will definitely pave the way for radio airplay!

Thanks! Peace to all!

P.s. Look what I found!
P.S. 2 Look what I found, part 2! I bet you all will be able to figure out why I posted it... ;)

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