Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Petition to COLUMBIA RECORDS: A Rough Draft/Proposal

I was thinking earlier about the impact of petitions, and its pretty large! So I thought, maybe we could create an online petition to Columbia Records and maybe ratchet up a little bit of support for Switchfoot. So here is a rough draft (so if there's punctuation errors, sorry! haha). Please please please let me know what you think! We need input! I'm going to post about this idea on the official boards tommorrow or something.

We the people of Switchfoot Nation, the Switchfoot family of fans, enthusiasts, and friends, and all general music officionados alike, in order to promote more positive, and just all-around great music, do sign here this petition to Sony BMG/Columbia Records. We would like to demand more support for your client, the rock band Switchfoot.

Plank 1. Track Record

Proof: This band has already achieved major success in the past. "The Beautiful Letdown" went double-platinum, under the watchful eye of no less than Columbia Records! The singles from that record, "Meant to Live" and "Dare You to Move" both were monster hits on radio, and MTV, VH1, etc., achieving Top 10 radio status.

The subsequent record, "Nothing Is Sound" peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 200 album charts and went gold despite controversial XCP Protection and rootkit/spyware contamination implemented into the discs by Columbia Records.

This is all proof that Switchfoot has what it takes to produce hit music, and deserves recognition and support from the label.

Plank 2. Lack of support for the single "Awakening" on public radio.

Proof: So far, there has been no sign of support at all from the label for the song "Awakening," reportedly released March 26, 2007. Only two radio stations in the Hot AC Radio Format have played the song significantly.

Plank 3. Despite success and popularity of the music video on Youtube and FUSE TV, "Awakening" has received little backing otherwise.

Despite the video retaining the No. 1 Spot on FUSE TV's No. 1 Countdown for almost an entire month, and reaching a million+ views, the aforementioned label has turned a figurative cold shoulder to it al.

We understand that the music industry is a highly competitive business, but also understand the importance of contractural integrity. You obviously signed this band to a contract, and a label's job is to promote a band.

We don't wish for Sony BMG/Columbia to allocate all its resources toward this single, or this band. We believe the music itself is strong enough. A little, minute bit of support would definitely go a long way in promoting this single, however, and we humbly petition you, Sony BMG/Columbia, to grant a little support, just a little, to this great band, Switchfoot.

So wadaya all think?


Natalie said...

I love the idea. Very well written also.=) Good job! I'll sign God Bless,

Chris said...

Hey comment thing works now :)

hey i agree with natalie!

jskin said...

Are we going to get to sign it eventually, or wait until it gets on Vh1