Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yup! Remember when “Awakening” was on FUSE TV’s Oven Fresh? Well, I have a tv rip here of the video when it was featured everyday for a week on FUSE’s popular music show that features “oven fresh” new music! This mpeg video file comes courtesy of! Enjoy!


Please, don't hesitate to spread this video around! It'll make a nice addition to anyone's music video collection.


And, in other site news, we have a new emailing subscription service! Now, as soon as we post a new update, you will be able to see it in your email inbox. Hopefully we can brighten up your email checking, along with your awesome LOBH and Switchfeed subscriptions, eh? Go to the right sidebar and sign-up today!

And make sure to continue to spread the word about “Awakening!” And keep voting like crazy on VH1 and FUSE! Who knows? We might someday get onto the Vh1 countdown… and maybe we’ll be able to keep the video at No. 1 on FUSE for the rest of the year??


This may be my last post for this week. Next week, I will be gone on a mission trip, and my good buddy Chris, another Switchblogger, will be filling in for updates. His passion for the single makes him a great fit for We’re Awakening. He has a few suggestions up his sleeve, so definitely stay tuned. Thanks Chris!

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