Monday, July 30, 2007

Let the FLOODING begin!!

Hey friends! This is Job! And, contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and well (albeit a little sleepy and weary from my past week). I'm amped to get this 100 4 SF campaign started. I think Chris deserves a hand for the awesome work he did over the past week. Anyone agree???

Well, today marks the official start of the 100 4 SF campaign. Lets support each other throughout the week. Comment here if you want to brag about how many votes you've logged so far, or whatever the heck you wanna say. I'll be around, voting as the day goes along. Lets get Switchfoot onto VH1! (oh, and make sure you tell every other Switchfoot fan you know to help out and vote for the guys!)



Current list:

1. Chris
2. Nat
3. Lydia
4. Melody
5. Susy
6. Andrew
7. Vrexico
8. popa_razzi
9. hope2lose!myself4good
10. LOLgirl4!Switchfoot
11. Primoblu
12. Reg
13. Kitty
14. Lena
15. Job
16. Jay
17. A!M_HeArTs_S!F/amy
18. golden smile
19. shooting_star
20. megan
21. rinni
22. Katie
23. Michael
24. Nikki
25. X3beccamariex
26. Cool J
27. Lindsey
28. Abby
29. Keith (from toronto)

If we left you off or you'd like to be added to the list, comment us or email us! We'll add ya to the list!


Libni said...

i'm done with my voting today!! i voted like 114 times... and i'm still voting :P


Anonymous said...

Hey-great job u guys! I'm glad that your doing this-and I'm trying to help!