Monday, August 13, 2007

Battle Plan

The voting is going strong! It looks like by the end of the week, hundreds and hundreds of votes will have been cast for Awakening. That is great. But it may not be enough.

As you can all see on the sidebar, our strategy in making Awakening a hit hinges on VH1. VH1 must be taken, and voting as a wildcard is only the beginning. Take a load of this plan:

1. Vote at least ten times a day + Be on the look out for people to recruit to join this effort.

2. Get an account with VH1. It is free and simple. Please do this ASAP

3. View the Awakening video at the VH1 site a few times a day, using the VH1 “video link” on the sidebar . We will get Vh1’s attention by showing them the video is hot on their site.

4. On Friday the 17th I will start an Awakening thread on the VH1 boards. Please use your VH1 account to post to this thread. Continued talk about the video on the site will help get others to join us, and will get Vh1’s attention.

As we continue to do these steps more people will join us, and our efforts will snowball. Vh1 cannot ignore us forever. The only way we can fail is if we choose to not do our duty, and don’t bother to tell others to do theirs.

Lets get to work!

1 comment:

Casey said...

I checked just now, and Awakening isn't even on Relevent TV. You can't even vote for it on the sidebar.