Thursday, August 2, 2007

Switchfoot Sighting; And a word of caution...?

Check out this tight Awakening/Switchfoot sighting at a boba tea house I was just at:

It kinda looks like the clock at Buster's house, doesn't it? Maybe...?


Now, a word of caution. The way music video stations work, wildcards or fill-ins don't exactly have an advantage in the voting process. If we don’t make it onto the countdown this week, don’t be discouraged. Our flooding will definitely turn heads at VH1 brass. The focus is to get this onto Vh1, the channel, first. And the only way we can do that right now is to flood the wildcard option until they add “Awakening” to their database. Once that happens, the video will start getting rotation on the channel, then it will be added to the countdown voting list. And once that happens, we can definitely turn “Awakening” into a hit!

So let us trudge on brothers and sisters... haha. It'll be great once we can finally sit back and enjoy success for "Awakening" dontcha all agree?

So who's with me? Who agrees to not get discouraged??? haha

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Job said...

OH! and to those who asked to be added to the list, I'll post that in tommorrow's update. peace!