Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is a title

Hey sorry for the lack of posting!

The attack on VH1 is going well. Every time I go on to vote it seems there is a headline about Awakening running across the bottom of the screen! Keep up the voting, and please chat on this thread:

Outside of VH1 things are still good, but on some fronts we are slipping.

Fuse: We are still going strong. Please remember to keep up the vote! We have had Awakening at #1 for three months now!

TVU: Still at #5. Keep voting once a day!

Relevant: Embarrassing, but my internet wont let me go to the Relevant voting site. Can someone please go there and give me an update? Thanx :)

Keep up the fight Foot Soldiers!


nat said...

I can't see it anywhere on relevant :(

Job said...

still fighting!!!